At the ECOWAS Heads of State meeting in Abuja on Sunday, July 31, 2023, several serious decisions were
taken against the new leaders of Niger. The West African Peoples’ Organization (WAPO) is vehemently
opposed to the ECOWAS and UEMOA ultimatum to deploy a military force to destabilize the state of Niger should its military rulers fail to reinstate deposed President Mohamed Bazoum and the suspended Constitution by the end of the day on Friday August 4, 2023. We are vehemently opposed for several reasons: First, this decision by the ECOWAS Heads of State is nothing more than maneuvers by colonial France and Great Britain, under the hegemony of American imperialism, to resort to armed intervention under the guise of restoring democracy and human rights in Niger. It is also a pretext for the realization of imperialist plans to continually keep Niger (rich in mineral resources, notably uranium and hydrocarbons) under the imperialist fold; especially, when Bazoum is a noted house nigger, servile to the imperialist NATO powers; particularly France, which for decades of years plundering its uranium resources as the basis of its lighting.
The other reason is that the sovereignty of the people of Niger, in every situation, must be respected; as they alone are in a position to decide the future direction of their country, and not anyone else. In any case, the current situation in Niger is due to Bazoum’s excessive meddling in national politics and social institutions, the autocratic personal rule which has given rise to the denial of the right of freedom and expression, the suspension of civil liberties and the unbridled weakening of the national opposition.

Another reason is that a military intervention against Niger would have far-reaching disastrous consequences for the Nigerien people and the entire West African subregion, and would create major upheavals that could aggravate the current widespread insecurity perpetrated by jihadist groups in the west, south-west, south and northern regions of Niger. Besides, the insecurity created when the government of President Bazoum began using non-state armed groups to fight the Jihadist insurgent’s violence would spread to other parts of West Africa.

Moreover, the joint communiqué issued by the Transitional Governments of Mali and Burkina Faso,
which considers that a military intervention of this kind against Niger would be tantamount to a declaration of war on Mali and Burkina Faso, indicates a further deterioration of the situation and might lead to a regional war which would leave lasting effects in the sub-region.

Finally, the West African Peoples’ Organization wonders how ECOWAS will be able to finance such an
invading force and such a war without imposing additional hardships on citizens through taxation and
deprivation. How will the logistical nightmare be managed without resorting to the negative forces of our
slavers and exploiters? For all these reasons, we urge ECOWAS to show restraint, employ diplomacy and use such funds earmarked for a futile intervention to support national development and the seamless integration of West Africa.

WAPO, therefore, strongly and unambiguously condemns the current warmongering attitude of ECOWAS,
and demands that the military bases of all imperialist and neoconservative forces in West Africa be withdrawn.

We call on our member organizations to close ranks and fight against any unjust imperialist war that might be imposed on our region through the folly of our bankrupt rulers. We firmly believe that the USA, France, the UK and NATO will be the current beneficiaries of any war in Niger. Clearly, it is the dignity of our peoples and the sovereignty of Niger who will be the losers.


Kafui Kan-Senaya
Accra, August 02, 2023

Below is the full statement:

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