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Voice of Revolution

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I see the joy

Of our labour beckoning in the loins

of the new sunrise:

Landsmen, this old night too shall wither…

Then, Karizimbes

Shall be Rift valleys & the Atlantic

Feed streams, as kings fall

At the feet of the servants their voices once commanded


Old irokos shall give way to their seedlings,

Snakes flee at the sight

Of worms & monkeys be served by gorillas…

Then, these

Tears put on the cheeks of

Princes & Princesses

Shall give way to never fading smiles

Then, the once men-made god,

Nebu shall know he is man,

Man and not a god;

Man in whose veins blood stream, at the mercy of men—

Man who is man!

Yes, the old sun is set to set

And, Power shall be

For the people who for long have been down

And then,

A new beautiful day shall be birthed

This is the voice of Revolution.

Aluta Continua!

Aluta! Continua!

Oswald Okaitei ( c )‘18

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